Chauncey Beaty is a HEALER,

a woman who understands transformation happens in the chrysalis of community. As a heart worker, she calls us into our deepest truths by creating the space where we might show up in our fears and have them made new in the eyes of our sisters. There is a balm in her brilliance. The path to healing is so much more visible for all of us because of Chauncey's gracious light.

-Sonya Renee Taylor, Founder | The Body Is Not An Apology 


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My Passion

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MY Heart 

Want to know what drives me? Here is my philosophy + personal mission. 

Chauncey Beaty is a TEDx speaker, award-winning poet, certified life coach, master facilitator and business strategist for talent-based and transformational entrepreneurs.


She is the founder of the annual Ready Woman Retreat & The Daughtering Project. 


Chauncey is known as “The Heart Worker,” for her ability to quickly laser into the heart space of her clients and audience members with her down-to-earth, witty, yet smart and passionate insights. Chauncey easily creates a safe interactive learning environment where “hard topics” shift into “heart topics”.


I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina in a working class, values driven single parent household where saying the word “can’t” guaranteed a butt-whipping.


 i learned early to be resourceful and as a result generating creative solutions and strategies is second nature to me.

As a teen I was a smart girl, but I lacked vision, had a bad attitude, and a soft temper. I found myself on the wrong side of right more times than I care to admit.  The summer of my 9th grade year, I met Janelle, my first mentor who changed my life forever. She challenged my thinking, helped me to sort through my emotions, and taught me about personal responsibility. Janelle also helped me to develop an eye, ear, and heart for issues of inequalities and social justice.

I returned to school with a renewed spirit. I took action and turned my plights into community and campus programming. I created clubs and organizations (that still exist at my alma mater) and joined student government. I went from a misdirected teen to an award winning student leader. I didn’t know it at the time, but this work was the beginning of my career in personal development and transformation. I left high school with a mission to help people awaken to their personal power.



I hold the wisdom I gained from my personal experiences, family, and communities equal to the knowledge imparted to me by my professors as

I earned my degrees and certifications. 


 i believe there is power in the balance of knowledge and wisdom, street and book smarts, and the head and heart. 


I’ve had the privilege to apprentice under and be mentored by many wise women and men in the fields of personal transformation, experiential learning, leadership, entrepreneurship, coaching, retreat design, and facilitation.



  • I graduated from a leading Research 1 Institution. 
I hold a Master of Arts in Humanities (African American & African Studies) from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Winthrop University.  
  • I’m certified.

 I graduated as a Certified Professional Life Coach from the Life Purpose Institute, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited life coaching school. However, I use my own methodology and processes.

  • I am a TEDx Speaker. 

I’m part of an elite gang of people from around the world who are considered  “innovative thinkers with ideas worth spreading.”

  • I’ve shared space and stage with the best. 

From contemporary poets Sunni Patterson, Jessica Care Moore, and Sonya Renee Taylor; to recording artist, Estelle; to Oscar winning actress, Mo’Nique; and thought provoking show host, Michael Eric Dyson, I have had the honor of working with some brilliant and important people. While performing on TV One’s hit show, Verses and Flow, host Hill Harper compared me to the great poet Nikki Giovanni (that’s pretty cool huh?).

  • I’ve put in the time. 

Don’t let the baby face fool you. I have worked in the field of personal and organizational development in some capacity for over 15 years. I’ve toured the country and abroad speaking and performing. And I’ve trained thousands of student leaders and created life changing breakthroughs for more than a hundred retreat participants and coaching clients.

  • I’ve done my work.

I have undergone several intense professional, personal, and spiritual development experiences (e.g., retreats, trainings, workshops, coaching, and counseling).

  • I do my work.

I am an engaged student of life and a voracious reader. I continuously act on opportunities for my personal, professional, and spiritual growth. I have a personal and business coach, spiritual advisor, mentors, and an intentional community of colleagues who I seek guidance and wisdom from. I ask myself the hard and heart questions and I work diligently to always operate in love.

  • I’ve mastered.

I have mastered “hearing the heart.” I hear what’s being said, what has not been said, and what someone is trying to say. This skill set/spiritual gift allows me to quickly laser into core issues, which is particularly beneficial for coaching clients and facilitating group processes.

  • I serve.

I believe in giving back. I contribute numerous hours to the field of prevention (STI/HIV/AIDS, dating violence, teenage pregnancy, and high school dropout).


As a freshman in college, I was in a near-death car accident that became a turning point in my life. I experienced massive changes to my body and began having big philosophical questions I needed answered. This led me on a spiritual journey and opened me to my creative self. I began seeking, studying, and writing. And guess what? I could actually write well (never would have thunk it)! I started journaling and it developed into poetry, which came at the perfect time because by then I was in graduate school and an emotional hot mess. I was suffering from depression and anxiety.


poetry saved my life.


In 2007, I joined the Poetry Slam movement and by 2010, I was a two-time international poetry slam finalist and ranked 3rd in the Women of the World Poetry Slam. I was featured on season 1 of TV One’s hit show Verses & Flow and on television commercials, in print ads, on billboards, and buses throughout the country as a proud ambassador of the Greater Than AIDS movement.


Touring the country and abroad to perform was tremendously rewarding. Yet, I was more interested in what was going on inside of me as I sought to own my calling. I had to be responsible for knowing my value, managing myself and business, and navigating high exposure. I was more interested in exploring what was happening to my colleagues and me once our lives surpassed our personal vision. I was more interested in what poetry was teaching me – the process of being an intentional creator, using my voice, and walking boldly in my personal power. In 2012,  I made the decision that in addition to my career as a performance poet, I would pursue my passion: coaching, facilitating and speaking – teaching people how to boldly own their divine contribution to the world.


While working through my fears, resistance, and personal doubt I spent years hiding from the world and standing in front of my offerings, my business, and myself. I have learned the greater your vocation, the greater the amount of interpersonal work you have to do. There were several moments in life that ripped my heart open and dimmed my light, but it was there where I found my greatest blessings, gifts, and ultimately my teachings.


i believe every person plays a role in the whole of humanity’s unfolding. 


Everyone’s contribution is vital. It is my mission to help people awaken to their personal power, open to the grandest possibilities of life, unleash their genius, move boldly into ownership of their contribution to the world, and keep their light shining bright.





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