I invite you on a 6-week journey of intentional heart healing to grow your inner little girl into a woman + create a new starting point for your relationship with your mom. 

Is your relationship with your mother in breakdown

or could it use some nurturing or deepening

... but you are stuck and

don't know how to heal it or YOU? 

Are you still struggling to get pass the "failures" of your parents, the many gaps you are having to close because of "what you didn't get" growing up, or are you simply having a hard time healing from your childhood wounds because your pain hasn't been acknowledged and your story hasn't been heard? 

I get it and I get YOU. 

I'm excited to share, that I've done all the hard (& heartwork to go from breakdown to breakthrough and I have the answer you are looking for.


But, first I have a question for you:

Imagine if... 

You could finally share your true story in a community of non-judgmental women who will actually listen and hear you
You could finally heal your inner girl, take full ownership of life, and operate from your grown woman self 
You could finally see, understand, and love your mother from your grown woman point of view instead of your current wounded child lens 
You could finally heal the underlying fear of your future and confidently create a vision and define womanhood for yourself

what would your life look like and how powerful would you be ? 

Do you KNOW that you have greatness within, more the give to the world, and a wholehearted desire to experience deeper levels of love and higher levels of joy

If you have unsuccessfully tried to share your childhood wounds with your mom thinking you would be understood or receive an apology, but instead you got a big fat, "get over it, it's in the past, and there is nothing I can do about it!" you are not alone. 


Even the most well-intentioned women have found themselves frustrated and heartbroken after attempting

to confront their mom about the past.

That's because confronting your mom is not the answer  

(well, at least not with the mind, heart, ear, and mouth you have now).

I bet you all the money in my right pocket that you are making your

healing process way more painful than it needs to be.

Haven't you already gone through enough? 


It is possible for you to heal in joy.

Yes, I said heal in joy instead of pain.

Are you ready to hear how you can?   

Loving Her, Healing Me is a 2-part Heart Healing Journey that walks you through the process of  freeing yourself from past wounds by freeing your mom from your childhood perception. 

Sonya Renee Taylor, Author + Founder, The Body is not an Apology

Chauncey Beaty is a HEALER, a woman who understands transformation happens in the chrysalis of community. As a heart worker, she calls us into our deepest truths by creating the space where we might show up in our fears and have them made new in the eyes of our sisters. There is a balm in her brilliance. The path to healing is so much more visible for all of us because of Chauncey's gracious light.

Is your inner little girl running the show... keeping you from healing your childhood wounds and responding to life as a grown woman?